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Game Review: Titanfall

    Titanfall been played over 2 million gamer.Maret Titanfall will be present for the PC and Xbox One, initiated America and Europe, to consoles and other regions following after.For details please see below post.

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       A few days  again Titanfall will release, many gamers that his attention focused to Titanfall because in the bundling with the next- gen consoles of Microsof, Xbox One. Titanfall continue to be a material talks last few months, some of the award has been achieved from various events, even Beta version    
        A few days ago also has released a video trailer lasted nearly 2 minutes that describe the online campaign mode, large-scale battles, and are often rumored to feature zipline .. it is a lot of trailer stating that Titanfall like Call of Duty and Hawken, there is also a mention Titanfall like Call of Duty with large robots, probably because Titanfall is the result of hard work cold hands Respawn Entertainment which also contains the veteran Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but still it is a FPS game Titanfall different and there are nine unik.Dalam Titanfall campaign and players can choose to play as the IMC or militia in battle.  


          There are 15 map for multiplayer mode, folder and pictures of single folder has been leaked, Titanfall trying to combine the concept of single player in the gameplay from the beginning, although more focused on the multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode Titanfall can accommodate 12 player, in Titanfall have a folder that allows players move dynamically. In the map landscape Titanfall not an area of Battlefield, but do not forget that Titanfall, empunyai extra jet pack and the ability parkour- style Mirror' s Edge an easy in the execution, player can move quickly as possible across the area of both vertically or horizontal, player can do double jump up to wallrun to achieve desired point, so on the vertical Titanfall open more space to be explored in compare Battlefield.

        In addition to parkour, the main selling Titanfall which is also underlying its name is the player can call a mecha into the battlefield instantly after a specific time period. The robot called" Titan" This is the weapons of the most deadly, enough to get a little extra power to master the battle.    

" Titanfall" has animation outstanding at the robot Titan fall of space also in the battle is quite epic, but in the end Titan is not creatures of control you should fear. Titan is a big guns as of vulnerable, even Tank in Battlefield 4 is much more terrible, infantry with equipment that is not in accordance guaranteed run away. Titan different, Titan indestructible easily by attacking their weak point, also with double jump to ride backward Titan and damage the reactor Titan. Size do not be a guarantee, Titan remains the same vulnerability of the infantry. Titanfall presents the battle the balance, Titan has an attack GCC destructive but the movement of infantry much faster, even more dangerous of Titan because distance of view more extensive, in contrast to Titan that have a view limited, even a Titan need to escort infantry to anticipate the attacks of the corners of the unexpected make the battle in Titanfall very dynamic and need cooperation.    

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    In addition to parkour and mecha, Titanfall still give some innovations weapons, in each mission of each forces dilenkapi with three types of the main weapon, primary, secondary, and anti- titan. Smart Pistol MK5 is the weapons easiest to be aiming for anyone in front of us. Player also equipped with a cloak, the system that make player to be invicible in certain time to stay away from Titan or close to destroy it. Do not be outdone, the Titan also have a defense mechanisms such a wall magnets that is able to throw back enemy bullets. There are also item mechanical named" Burn Cards" which enable it will give buff of weapons more powerful up to hearing ability of marching feet in a certain radius to mengetehui enemy positions, this effect lost if the player dead. 

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For Desktop;

Minimum Requirements:
-Intel Celeron E3200 Dual-Core 2.4GHz  (AMD Athlon II x2 220)
-GeForce 8800GT   (Radeon HD 4770 512Mb)
-4Gb ram,Win7 64,DirectX 9,HDD space 20Gb
-Low setting

Medium Requirements:
-Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 GHz  (AMD Athlon II x2 280)
-GeForce GTS450  (AMD 5770 512Mb)
-6Gb ram,Win 7 64,DirectX 10,20Gb HDD space
-Medium-High setting

Recommended Requirements:
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz   (AMD Phenom II x4 820)
-GeForce GTX 560 (Radeon HD 6870)
-8 Gb ram,Win 7 64bit,DirectX 9,25 Gb HDD space
-High-ultra setting

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