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Review Far Cry 3 Xbox and PC (Optimized Requirements)

     In the latest series Far Cry 3 revolves around a group of ankle- tattoed that was on vacation in an island where where they have the incidence of the unexpected, members were kidnapped by a psychopath cruel but charismatic on an island beautiful tropical tub heaven. And player' s task is saved him. Players act as Jason Brody in this game, not the existing in front cover Far Cry 3.
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Jason Brody
    Things to almost all games open- world need, spec qualified, because the average games open- world is the game considerable weight. Game sandbox first person claim Ubisoft has a quality of outstanding graphics.
     In the Far Cry 3 players can get around the island with the jeep c4, to infiltrate enemy bases or start the crossfire. The most fun is hunting, we can hunt bears, crocodiles, dingo, and other wildlife. Not only on land, we can also an adventure in the sea, struggling with sharks, down the cave under the sea, explore the shipwreck, including looting wreckage. There are many tower radio scattered throughout the island, Jason Brody can climb to expand the reach map, knowing the location seller weapons and other important information.

     Character Brody in this game at first is not have the ability that can be reliable, can not kill with a knife, even for running distance was not able to, but this will make this game more attractive, player will continue to learn and learning. In the Far Cry 3 player must conquer the camps small enemy that there is almost in each side of the island, but after successful in seize the region will be the region that can be managed untukmendapatkan reward, player can also expand the region to the big island in the south.
  Far Cry 3 PC[Download]

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 weighing what Far Cry 3? The following information system requirements Far Cry 3

Minimum Requirements
-Intel Pentium D920 2.8 GHz (AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 3600+)
-Nvidia GeForce 8600GT (Radeon 2600 Pro)
-2Gb ram,12Gb HDD space,DirectX 9,Win Xp 32
-Low setting

Recomended Requirements
-Intel Core i3-530 2.9GHz ( AMD Phenom II x2 565)
-Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1Gb DDR3 (Radeon HD4850)
-4Gb ram,12Gb HDD space,DirectX 11,Win 7 64
-Medium-High setting

Hi-Performance Requirements
-Intel Core i7 2700k 4-core 3.50GHz (AMD Fx 4130)
-Nvidi GeForce GTX 260  (Radeon 6770)
-8Gb ram,12 Gb HDD space,DirectX 11,Win 7 64
-Ultra setting

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