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ASUS Introduces R9 295X2

Almost simultaneously with AMD introduces Radeon R9 295X2, ASUS also introduce a graphics card R9 295X2, with a high performance graphics thanks to the dual-processing unit (GPU) AMD Radeon ™ R9 series,and equipped with a hybrid cooling system with
liquid cooling and air cooling system is very efficient.

With 8GB of GDDR5 video memory that is super fast, 295X2 R9 can be maximized by GPU Tweak tuning tool from ASUS.
ASUS GPU Tweak, Tuning for Maximum Performance also Live Sharing R9 295X2 present a fantastic performance, but ASUS can further maximize ability of dual GPU graphics card with GPU Tweak, real-time tweaking utility from ASUS. Application
very easy to use it allows intuitive and responsive control for a second GPU,video-memory clock speed, voltage, cooling-fan speed, and power targets,so users can easily and comfortable overclocking  R9 295X2.

In addition also available GPU Tweak Streaming tool, which allows users share the action on the screen via internet, so users on the other places can see the like a live broadcast. Users can also add information on streaming window, such as the title, scrolling text, picture and webcam image. Enjoy Games to the maximum with Dual GPU, and Support 6 Screen latest graphics card ASUS R9 295X2 with dual GPU R9 series on the speed 1018MHz This ensures gaming performance of rapid, smoothly and freeway, even when display on the highest resolution 4K/ UHD( ultra- high- definition) hinga 3840×2160 pixel1. Users can also show on 6- screen 2 at once, for display a wider and gaming experience more impressive. Ready and is equipped Liquid Cooling ASUS R9 295X2 designed with hybrid liquid/ water- cooling. cooling system neat and highly efficient at all do not require installation process troublesome the user. Fan installed on the radiator help to release heat of the system liquid cooling, with the size of fan 120mm a very easy process of installation.

System hybrid cooling is very efficient to cool the GPU also to memory and components other support. Cooling liquid cooling dikhusukan to cool the dual GPU R9 series is also supported with additional cooling fan in charge of releasing heat from the components other important, so it can medinginkan graphics card as a whole and improve stability, ensuring graphics card R9 295X2 this cool when operate.

★ AMD Radeon TM R9 295X2
★ PCI Express® 3.0
★ OpenGL® 4.4
★ 8 GB GDDR5 memory 1018Mhz engine clock speed
★ 1024- bit memory interface
★ 1 x DVI- D output
★ 4 x Mini DisplayPort

comparison graphics card with dual GPU that had already exists:

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