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Asus ROG-POSEIDON(Price and Review)

             Various manufacturers Graphic Card upscale continue to compete to bring Graphic Card best, the fight in the stronghold of green from various manufacturers heats, ranging from MSI the currently working version of Lightning of GTX 780Ti, EVGA currently working version of the Kingpin. ASUS as one of the PC peripherals top class does not seem to be outdone by it. If there are still remember, a few moments ago ASUS is reportedly working on" something", developed under the codename Poseidon. Well, now ASUS start a little open to what it Poseidon, and ASUS began to provide a little picture of the liquid cooling Poseidon that will be part of the lineup Republic of Gamers and will display DIGI+ VRM, capacitor Black Metallic a very durable and air DirectCU H20 yang​​ combines water cooling with liquid cooling to provide better performance and quieter time operate.

DirectCU H20 is a package with two fan( fan) anti dust( dust- proof), three heatpipe, heatsink large and water block. Based on the prototype planned to be exhibited by ASUS at the beginning of this year, many of which assumes the ROG Poseidon will have three modes when operating- air cooling only, liquid cooling only and a combination of both( water and liquid cooling). Until now ASUS has not leaked on the type GPU and speed clock her, the price and or release date of Poseidon.

Not Sure about what GPU will have the honor juxtaposed
with Poseidon, some say that the GTX 760 or GTX likely to be 770 paired by ASUS, but many people who doubt it, because it seems ASUS is not may not bother to develop something that does not cost a little research only to be juxtaposed with the GK104 GPU that has started aging, so the chances ASUS will
use based on the GK110 GPU.Let us wait for The new monsters of Asus.

ASUS ROG-Poseidon available Now

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