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Play Station 4 beat Xbox one- sony prepare a surprise in ps5

TOKYO- Sony reportedly already sold more than seven million units PlayStation 4. sales figures beat the Xbox One who sold five million units. The company from Japan is set up the emergence of PlayStation 5. According to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony WorldWide Studios, a new generation console PlayStation game will appear with more oriented services for the user. Reported by Ubergizmo, Friday( 18/ 4/ 2014), gaming industry began to lead to the service cloud computing system. As video content, games can also played streaming through the cloud storage.

Yoshida confirm, PlayStation new generation will make shift focus on the service. With the emergence of PlayStation Now, Sony provide streaming service that allows video game to be played in the non- PlayStation. Yoshida also revealed, what will be provided by Sony depends also to the creators game. If developers still need the power of more powerful engines, the company can be launched the successor to the PS4." We want to realize this, but we can not do with the PS4. If this happens, there is a good reason to have PS5, so developers can create their vision. So, we will see it," he explained.

Sony for PlayStation next generation seems to be more to cloud- based services. Just imagine how easy to buy games of cloud rather than buying format physical. Shuhei Yoshida, President Sony, in an interview latest reported by Ubergizmo, confirm that the latest generation PlayStation will be more oriented to the service. We look forward would like what about PlayStation 5 stars when launched.

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