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Intel Core i5 4670k-The Best Gaming Processor

Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz is a high-end CPU based on the 22nm Haswell architecture. It packs 4 physical Cores initially clocked at 3.4GHz whose frequencies will go up to 3.8GHz in Turbo Mode. It consumes up to 84W. It features integrated graphics called Intel HD 4600 that can have the central unit clocked up to 1200MHz (in Turbo Mode) and the fastest memory supported is DDR3-1600. This CPU has unlocked clock multiplier and so has great overclocking potential. Its performance is more than enough for any of today's games and will be for the next years. Still, it's not a worthy upgrade from the previous 3570K.

Core i5-4670K is the cheapest of the K series processor family Haswell processor from the first time the family was released. The use of socket LGA1150 processor, the same processor as Haswell from other families. Therefore, the processor will require the use of a new motherboard, which would use the LGA1150 socket and 8 series chipsets from Intel.

why i5 4670k the most optimal for the game? because games currently not been able to maximize the processor above Intel core i5 4670k and gaming capabilities i5 4670k able to compensate for i7 4770k, even able to defeat.

All I say is based on the data and not the origin bicara.Dalam testing with several other processors, not one that I choose the Intel Core i5 4670k as the best processor for gaming, as a comparison will also test the ability of the Core i7 4470K processor line symbolizes the above 4th generation processors from Intel. In addition, there were also "ex" upper-class champions of the 3rd generation, the Core i7 3770K. These processors is one processor generation to 3 of the most popular market.

In this comparison is also present as a Core i5 3570K processor
which will be replaced by the Core i5 4670K. It is interesting to
comparing the performance increase between processor generations. Besides we also complement this review by including a Core i5 4430 and representatives of AMD FX-8350.

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