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NYC-base promised Rockstar Games "Grand Theft Auto 5" will
provide an enhanced experience for the PC this fall
.Last week, the developer announced it would bring an action-
adventure games for the PC, and also for Nextgen console and Xbox One
PS4 this year. "'Grand Theft Auto V' will optimize the ability
and the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox and the PC with a graphical One across-
the-board and technical improvements to provide a new level
amazing in terms of detail, "said developer at Rockstar Newsire
Tuesday. "Improved draw distances, textures finer details, denser
traffic, and an increase in the resolution of all combined to bring
new life in the city, desert and ocean epic Rockstar North
reimagining of Southern California. "

Requests to bring GTA V to PC, Xbox and PS4 One so
high, and as we know the countless rumors have
suggests the presence of GTA V in the Next-gen consoles and PCs while
GTA V launch for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fall
ago. Rockstar promised fans "GTA 5" at the moment-generation consoles
and the PC will get it better than the previous version
of GTA V, including online mode. "new generation upgrades also
mencakup'Grand Online Theft Auto, 'which continues berkembang'Grand
Auto Theft 'Universe. Improve the ranking through criminal acts
and completed Jobs to earn money, buy property,
vehicles and upgrading the characters, compete in traditional fashion
competitions, or create your own content for playing and
share in 'Grand Theft Auto' society, "the developers promise.

In his list of Steam, the PC version of Rockstar assured fans
"Will be able to explore all the PC's ability to provide
across-the-board enhancements including improved resolution
and detailed graphics, denser traffic, even bigger draw distance, upgrades
AI, new wildlife, and weather and the effects of damage to the experience
The new ultimate open-world gaming. "
The PC version will also feature a video editor created for
making the film, as well as new Jobs, a collection of new weapons, property,
vehicles and upgrading characters.

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