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Rumors Release November GTA V PC Possibility

Latest News, retailers named GameSeek claim that GTA V PC will be launched on 7
Upcoming November 2014. Not only for the PC, the date is also valid for the two consoles
claim new Sony and Microsoft, the PS4 and Xbox One.
Determination of the date a week earlier than previously circulating rumors. As
unknown, some time ago a major European retailer named Coolshop mention that GTA
PC V will be present on 14 November 2014.

Of two existing leaks certainly none that certain truth, at least
until Rockstar gives an official announcement. Unfortunately, until now Rockstar itself has not been willing to
If true GTA V PC, PS4, and Xbox One slide in November 2014, so gamers should get ready
keep their wallets are not conceded. Keep in mind that in the same month, a lot of game
AAA is also released. Call it Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dragon Age: Inquistion, and Far
Cry 4.

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