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Old Computer For GTA V

   Fulfilled all wondering who this selaa spread, since its presence in the Pc console gamers have been made heboh.Mungkin long waiting period to make various rumors emerged, saah spec required of them is to be able to play GTA V version which predicted that Pc.
GTA V need mainstream computer, procie and best VGA, as well as other supporting hardware.
But Rockstar berasil spawned a masterpiece that is friendly to gamers pockets long cekak.Awaiting paid an extraordinary game, far from prejudice so far, even lighter than GTA IV.

    In some forums even mentioned that o
d quad-core has been able to pull this game with VGA older GeForce 250 GTS, which is even crazier is no member that clicking kalim that procie dual core hers able to play GTA V, a remarkable achievement of Rockstar.

  It is thanks to the update patch GTA V v 1:01, with this patch CPU usage becomes more efisien.Nefore updates between 90-100% cpu usage on procie quad-core, but with this update dual core processor Intel Pentium G3258 only use 86% only who was always at 100%.

Combined with R7 240 at a resolution of 720 were able to achieve 50 fps and when conditions are crowded or  chased by police down at 32 fps, it is still very viable for $70 VGA's

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