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PowerColor Devil R9 390x

 PowerColor Devil R9 390x 8 GB is the result of hard work PowerColor in implementing technology and innovation at their best on the graphics card products. Not only ready for gamers with its performance, the implementation of the hybrid cooling system and high-quality components to make quality products PowerColor Devil R9 8 GB 390x more classy.

      The next generation graphics card Radeon Rx 200 Series finally slid in 2015. Radeon Rx 300 Series, the latest line of graphics cards from AMD are ready to continue the success that has been inscribed by his predecessor. Of course AMD Radeon graphics card has been arming Rx 300 Series with a stronger power and the latest graphics technology, so ready to explore  new generation games with a more realistic visual quality.

      Devil Series is at once innovative technology implementation best the graphics card PowerColor products. Continuing the tradition of previous products the latest graphics card from PowerColor Devil Series comes to accompany the launch of the Radeon line Rx 300 Series. PowerColor Radeon R9 chose 390x, the highest type of graphics card from Radeon Rx 300 Series, to be their next masterpiece.
PowerColor, a major player in the sector as well-known components, especially with the GPU graphics card AMD, of course welcomed the birth of the Radeon Rx 300 Series.With the presence of a number of products based graphics card Radeon Rx 300 Series, complete with the best technology and innovation from PowerColor.
Implementation of the technology and innovation that includes the better cooling system for lower working temperature, high-quality components to ensure the best durability upon use, and also more powerful gaming performance thanks to the use of the specification clock above the average. All implementation done PoweColor to satisfy the users of their products.

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