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  Beautiful, sexy, and an impress gamer. Where gamers who crave not just a dream girl.Not just gamer, but Nixia gamers with impressive achievements and has a salary of up to $ 10k
       Monica Carolina, 24-year-old girl from Jakarta is already playing games of old. He's already become a professional gamer since 2008! Monica a.k.a Nixia playing first-person shooter games since childhood. Well Nixia diligently since high school then joined the tournament game and even managed to win a second championship in Call of Duty 4 tournament.

    Addicted, Nixia eventually join the tournament continues with four of his team joined in NXA Ladies, and for five years to the competition they managed to be champion. Well since 2011, he set up a site called Nixia Gamer (which was the origin of his stage name Monica), which contains about gaming equipment reviews and experiences in the tournament game. One year undergo, eventually many well-known brands that sponsor.

      Nixia and his team get the facility in the form of gaming equipment and salaries around $ 10K every three months.

     Some successful achievement inscribed by Nixia or NXA Ladies are:
- 2009 - Winner of the tournament Hotgame FKI Guitar Hero in 2009
- 2009 - Winner of the ekhibisi Guitar Hero on iBox JCC
- 2009 - winner of two tournaments in Guitar Hero WCG 2009
- 2009 - winner of two tournaments Guitar Hero in IGT 2009
- 2009 - Winner of two competitions Runes of Magic Online Photo
- 2010 - Winner of the tournament Guitar Hero Encore IGT Exhibition
- 2010 - Winner of the tournament Hotgame FKI Guitar Hero in 2010
- 2011 - Ranked a five-Tournament Point Blank Ladies in DNET Bogor
- 2011 - Best Player VS Fatal1ty (Gamer world champion) playing Quake at Level One
- 2012 - Winner of the Tournament Call of Duty 4 Hotgame, Indonesia Games Festival 2012 in JCC
- 2012 - The winner of Tonix Computer Customer Show Off
- 2012 - Ranked fourth tournament GamersPlatoon Battlefield 3 Asia-Europe
- 2012 - Winner of the competition Counter Strike Online Megaxus Ladies at the 2012 Olympics
- 2012 - Winner of the tournament press conference Lyto S4League in S4 League
- 2012 - winner of three tournaments A.V.A in 4th birthday KotakGame
- 2013 - Ranked four competitions Call of Duty 4 on Nvidia Seminar & Gaming Competition
- 2013 - Winner of the competition Counter Strike: GO in the MSI Gaming Night in Taipei, Taiwan
- 2013 - the winner of three tournaments in Counter Strike Online Megaxus Olympics 2013
- 2014 - Winner of the tournament 3on3 Titanfall MYT in Phoenix soft opening, Jakarta
- 2014 - Winner of two competitions Titanfall Pilot 3on3 Grand Opening hunter in Phoenix, Jakarta
- 2014 - Winner of four competitions CS: GO in Indonesia Game Show 2014 - JCC, Jakarta
- 2014 - Winner of the competition 1vs1 CS: Go on Asus Challenge Session 4.

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