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      New methods for playing games on the PS3 OFW today is inject system. There are two types of current, premium gaming and inject inject C00 game (game demo). To inject premium game took a lot of hardware for his process, while the C00 game quite use software only. Her weakness, inject C00 game is not applicable to above 4.70 OFW using this method. So for those who still below please try... ODE User include..

For firmware 4.70 on PS3 CFW required to master and then transfer to PS3 OFW.

1. The things that need to be prepared is an external hard drive, internet connection for downloading games and software inject her.

2. Software can inject use pexploit, pexploit lite, True Ancestor Backup Injector or muxport. Select one. If I use True ancestor, because pexploit lite always detected a virus on my computer. Software download link is below. More ...

3. Download psn game type C00 in psndl.net can also use       psnstuffx, but easier to use web psndl. Wrote in his web search      by keyword C00, C00 later all games will be shown.

Click on the title of the game and go to the bottom, click the download package. During the wait for the download process further ahead to the next step. Later the downloaded a file with the extension .pkg.

4. Plug an external hard drive to the PS3, do not forget it must be     FAT32 format. Go to Settings- system backup utility- Settings-         backup.

Make a backup process. If want to shorten the time of the backup process, first format in the internal PS3 hard drive. But later SaveData will be lost.
5. After the backup process is complete, open the hard drive in the computer. Extract the downloaded Truancestor on PC, up to where aja important easy to remember. Copy the backup folder on the external hard drive backup folder to extract True Ancestor.
Of hdd eksternal- Open the folder PS3 / EXPORT / BACKUP. Copy the folder named the date of the backup process.

On Computer - Paste the extract results folder True Ancestor  in backup folder.

sample results :

6. Copy file .pkg downloaded to pkg. folder
Example file “3 On 3 NHL Arcade.pkg”

7. Open  True Ascentor Backup Injector

 Select no.1 then Enter

Select the backup folder list, in this example only one game so type 1 and press ENTER

Success will be as below

Then type p and press ENTER to add a file pkg

Select pkg. game. Example 1 below and press ENTER. When finished adding pkg game, type b and ENTER
Type s > Enter

Type OK > Enter
Please wait...

Copy inject result of the output folder to an external hdd. Copy wrote the same in the backup folder on the first step.

8. Attach the hard drive to the PS3. Go to the menu backup utility, this time select restore. Select the appropriate file restore inject the results earlier. Please follow the next command. And the game will appear on the XMB after the restore process is complete.

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