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FINAL FANTASY XV - Disappointing or Satisfying

Final Fantasy XV
   Maybe you are one of the fans who have been waiting for final fantasy Final Fantasy XV presence of more than a decade.since its appearance at E3 2006 Final Fantasy XV fans was highly anticipated, next-generation Playstation 3 turns to bite the fingers for Final Fantasy XV was present for the generation of Next-Gen, the truth is worth the wait for more than a decade? Let us review.

   Stunning graphics quality included in the gameplay is as it should Final Fantasy XV presented to the console Next-Gen.Many fundamental changes compared to the previous series, one of the highlights is the combat system, a breakthrough that makes gamers excited and raises the pros and cons.

The action style combat was only fun for a few hours until you Realize every single enemy can be owned by just using warp attacks ... The story was pretty good and amazing graphics but the combat was a let down. Bosses felt no different than regular enemies and many times much Easier. I seriously hope they do not go that route with FFVII. They should stick to ATB or maybe a polished version of the ATB. It was nice when some bosses actually Involved strategy or required you to actually think things through.
Many fans were disappointed with the battle system in Final Fantasy XV, storyline presented does not meet expectations, out of the tradition of Final Fantasy, magic lack worsen the situation and all these things make FFXV lose characterize it as a title game Action RPG.Final Fantasy XV awesome as a game but was deemed unfit carries the name Final Fantasy

one more thing that matters is both the PS4 and PS4 Pro has disadvantages in terms Framre Rate.

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