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Target Acquired - Megaman from Indonesia

   Target Acquired a major project of the nation who is inspired
Mega Man game for Android and Ios. This game is also involved in the gaming world renowned composer, Manami Matsumae, who is also the composer of the legendary Mega Man itself.

    Here you play as a female police officer named Yura Anders tasked to capture the villain genius in the business to make a robot named Cammy Iyuka. In its action, Yura had weapons of blaster that works similar to Mega Man rifles. Blaster can recharge and issued a very strong shot.
You will run after Cammy while shooting and avoiding various existing minion. At the end of the area, you will be faced with Cammy and robot. If you beat Cammy, then you can continue the pursuit to the next area.

    Target Acquired have strong capital to be
The most exciting endless runner game this year. The frustration must have come early in the game (hard not playing friend), but as you get used to the area-by-area you can just pass, of course, slowly.
No costumes designed very beautifully, to the extent that some of the costumes with scarcity Common Rare I thought was so cool as the costume design. For music and sound effects are no doubt, your ears will be spoiled completely.
In terms of graphics, Target Acquired have good quality, although backfire that make it run slow on some devices. The possibility of many animations in one screen makes the game performance to substandard causing annoying lag when playing Yura survival.

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