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TOP 10 richest game

   Talk about the richest game certainly is a game that generates a lot of money, the following is a list of the richest game until early 2017.

#. Need for Speed

EA production car racing games this one turned out successfully emerged as the world's most popular racing game. Produced since 1994, Need For Speed ​​managed to rake in sales of more than 100 million US dollars worldwide, similar competitors beat games like "Gran Turismo" and "Forza". Indeed, Need For Speed ​​has its own advantages, especially in terms of graphics and exciting race.


Total sales: 100 million US DollarTak doubt, Fifa is one of the best football games that rule the world of video games today. Produced since 1993, the new FIFA started to get a place among football fans since the release of the PS3 console. Previously, in many countries (including Indonesia) Fifa names sink into the shadows of the series Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution series Soccer.Keunggulan Fifa so they can appear as the best-selling video game is a graphics issue very beautiful and so realistic. Comments in the game feels very real, so we seem to really be in a football game. In addition, its online community is very large and spread out in various negara.FIFA 17 is proof of the success of FIFA.

#Call of Duty

Call of Duty series thin ahead of a series of Fifa and Need For Sped in terms of sales. War-themed game that featured in the first-person perspective (first person shooter) is relatively new and recently released for the console PC in 2003. But once launched on the market, sales exploded and made this game very popular.
Serial Call of Duty reached its golden period when only a short time span they launched COD: Black Ops and COD: Modern Warfare. The advantages of this game compared to other FPS games is the movement of gunfire were very smooth, smooth, and very realistic; so you really feel in the middle of the battlefield.

10. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy series became the sole representative of RPG games into the top 10 list of the most popular game in the world. Yes, the game produced by gaming companies based in Japan is indeed very famous all over the world. Since it was first launched in 1987, up to now there are already more than a total of 30 titles created the Final Fantasy series.
Heyday Final Fantasy began in the console PSX, when Final Fantasy 7 and 8 managed to emerge as excellent and 10 in the category of best PS1 RPG game. Yes, as an RPG, Final Fantasy has many advantages, ranging from super beautiful graphics, unique character designs, and a storyline that could make you laughed and cried.

9. Tetris

125 milion $
     The name Tetris is already global and turns of this legendary gained inspiration from tennis. Alexey Pajitn is the originator of the game Tetris in 1984 and used the name Tetris itself from the Latin name and favorite games numer Tetra Alexey Pajitn namely Tennis.

8. GTA

7. Donkey Kong
Generate $1.496 billion

6.World Club Champion Football
This brings the total card revenue up to ¥144 billion, equivalent to $1.901 billion .

5.Super Mario 

    Super Mario Bros generate $1134 million and Super Mario World $1731milion,New Super Mario Bros. revenue: 30.38 million units = $1774 million
Mario Kart Wii $2382

4. Space Invaders

   Generate 3,702 billion dollars in the span of 1978 to 1982

3. Pac Man

Generate $4.09 billion by 1990s

2. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II , overall revenue:
Arcade: $4.245 billion as of 1994

1. Wii Sport

$5.1941 billion

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