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Tutorial PS3 - Inject Game CFW to OFW

Ps3 Inject
Information about Inject Playstation 3 Game CFW to OFW has been circulating for a long time, but still limited and certain circles who know the tutorial Inject Game Ps3 to OFW. Just so you know, the previous tutorial Inject Game CFW to OFW sold in the range of 2 million rupiah, but here for free.

 Why should Inject Game CFW to OFW? The answer is one, very sparingly.
Need other answers?
The answer is saved and can be done alone.

Brass tacks, let's get started,
Prepare combat equipment,

* Pc or Laptop (let frugal can borrow if not have one)
* PS3 OFW course
* PS3 CFW (if not borrow too has)
* Cable Lan
* External HDD
* Internet connection
* Game CFW
* Download tools download or alternative link

Start combat:

Step 1 (PC)

* Extract the downloaded file(tools)

* Select the file GAME CONVERT then extracted and create folders with names PS3_GAME

* Copy the game to the folder "PS3_GAME" Make sure the game is not formatted pkg must be extracted using pkg view, how to extract just drag game .pkg format pkg menu to view -> right click -> Extract

* After the game in the copy to folder PS3_GAME then confirm again in the collection of the file if there is a folder that bermana LICDIR if no then you create a folder and name it LICDIR

* If you have you have to make lic.dat online here

* Paste lic.dat to the folder that we created earlier LICDIR

* Next double-click Convert.bat, then appear to see cmd Name (the name of the game) with NPxxxxx

adjust the existing ID in PARAM.SFO Such Game

Sample ID BLES12345 game is, then you must type NPEB12345, if BLUS12345 name NPUB12345, BLJM12345 If so NPJB12345

Wait until the process is complete convert all files

* When Finished, there will be a new folder with the same name that had you typed

* Then download an update patch for the game that we convert earlier

* Use Application ps3tool, download here
Alternative link download
* Select a game update to search for the update file from the game

* If you've downloaded its updated PKG

The extract PKG Copy EBOOT.BIN of Pkg Update extracts that had been in place in the game Convert Folder results that had been completed

* Copy eboot bin folder USRDIR

Step 2

* Set up an external hard drive with FAT32 format

and create a folder called TEST

* Copy NPEB12345 (yield convert) and BLES12345 (extract the patch update), paste the folder to TEST.

Step 3 (PS3 CFW)

Plug the external hdd to ps3

* Turn on the ps3 cfwnya then copy NPEB12345 (yield convert) and BLES12345 (extract the update patch) into the game / dev_hdd0 / game

* Perform Rebuild database

* If completed rebuild the data base, the game will be displayed on the XMB

● Langgkah 4 (PS3 OFW)

* Connect PS3 CFW and OFW ps3nya using a LAN cable and then turn on the PS3 OFW

* The PS3 CFW

~ Go to Settings> System Settings> Data Transfer forwarded Utitlity

select number 1


there is no

awaiting transfer

put in

* At Ps3OFW do the same way,

Just the difference pick number 2

and waited until it got a question to ask to format

Click yes

and wait until the transfer is complete

If an error occurs during the game convert error usually occurs in the pc / laptop solution you reinstall advance

error when going transfr game of CFW to ofw usually lan cable

Firmware between the machine OFW and CFW must equal the example CFW 4.81 4.81 ofw should also.mm

This trick almost no risk, but all the damage that you face after following this tutorial is your own responsibility.

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  1. What if a game has multiple pkg update patches available ?
    like I was doing it for God of War Ascension. It shows total 9 pkg files patch updates in PS3 Game Updates Tool. What to do ?

  2. This method can brick my console ??

  3. This method can brick my console ??

  4. This method can brick my console ??