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  Keep learning is one of the keys to success, graduating from school is not the end of learning but it is a determinant of what we are going to be. In doing business to learn from the experience of others is one way to reduce the risk of failure.  
   For those of you who are studying to invest some e-book that I will share this time will be beneficial for you, As a foundation so that we have a mental that is always ready with all the challenges that exist.

  - Retire Young Retire Rich _Robert T. Kiyosaki Download

 - Retirement Young Pension Kaya_Robert T. Kiyosaki    Download

 - The Intelligent Investor_ Benjamin Graham Download

- Bussiness School (English version) _Robert T.Kiyosaki Download

 - Success Investing Warren Buffet-style Download

-Analysis Method  Download

- The Cashflow Quadrant_Robert T. Kiyosaki DownloadDownload

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