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Free Iclone IAvatar: TIFA LockHart ((FFVII)

    iClone is a real-time 3D animation and rendering software program that enables users to make 3D animated films. Real-time playback is enabled by using a 3D videogame engine for instant on-screen rendering.

Other functionality includes: full facial and skeletal animation of human(iAvatar) and animal figures; lip-syncing;[  import of standard 3D file types including FBX; a timeline for editing and merging motions; a scripting language (Lua) for character interaction; application of standard motion-capture files; the ability to control an animated scene in the same manner as playing a videogame; and the import of models from Google 3D Warehouse, among many other features. iClone is also notable for offering users royalty-free usage of all content that they create with the software, even when using Reallusion's own assets library.

Free Iclone IAvatar: TIFA LockHart ((FFVII)
Full rigged Tifa Lockhart IAvatar with IMotion and face Expression Compatibility..

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Eyes - ArmachamCorp
Head, Body & Hair - MoogleOutfitters
Outfit - Mellin

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