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AMD Navi Release Date

  AMD’s roadmaps have indicated a launch n 2019, recently confirmed by Lisa Su. We’ve heard from industry sources stating June-July is a realistic launch window for the new cards, and recent rumours have compounded that estimate. There was some expectation of a CES launch, but that was superseded by the announcement of the Radeon VII.

     The 14nm Vega 10 and Polaris 10 GPUs, used in the RX Vega and RX 500-series cards respectively, hold a total of 4,096 Stream Processors for Vega and 2,304 inside the Polaris chip. Thanks to the 7nm process, AMD could fit roughly 1.6x more logic into the same die space with Navi… if TSMC’s numbers are to be believed.

      Pricing all depends on whether AMD target the high-end or mid-range markets with Navi. This will likely also affect whether AMD utilise pricey HBM2 memory or GDDR6. A midrange RX 680 could be somewhere in the realm of $330 to $400 at most.


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