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ANTHEM Review - Apple Tree without Apples

 Anthem - an action RPG game fusing loot shooter born from the cold hands of Bioware and EA.

  He won the most anticipated action game at several giant gaming events during 2018. He was also handled by Bioware Edmonton - developer of the Mass Effect trilogy series instead of Montreal Bioware which has now broken and melted after the Andromeda Mass Effect case. It is also built with the Frostbite Engine, one of the most charming and visually optimal engines, especially on PCs. With all the combinations he injected, it was impossible not to wait for Anthem's presence and what he was going to offer.

    Apart from the fact that with the Frostbite Engine he managed to look stunning in terms of visuals with the strength of Bioware's unique story that remains interesting, this game feels like a "learning project" for Bioware to mix a charming loot shooter game. Bad news? Instead of learning from Blizzard with Diablo 3 and Bungie with Destiny, he saved a problem that had happened with the first appearance of these games. What's worse? Various technical problems such as bugs and loading time also disrupt the sensation of playing that should, please.

Anthem takes place in a mysterious world where a race named Shapers took it. This super mysterious race has a powerful technology called the Anthem of Creation that has so much power that it's hard to imagine. Through it, Shapers shape the world they want, create plants, animals, determine the weather, and mix portals. But unfortunately, the Shapers disappeared before they "completed" the world of Anthem while leaving behind their qualified technology which over time grew into artifacts.

As can be predicted, this super-strong technology is the focus of the story. One of the artifacts named "Cenotaph" which is believed to be the door to controlling the Anthem of Creation eventually pushed a militant human faction named "Dominion" to attack the city of the Javelins - Freemark. Almost managed to master it but ended in catastrophic because of the wrong handling method, the Cenotaph exploded and destroyed the Freemark itself. Not only that, this incident also gave birth to an impenetrable eye storm called "Heart of Rage". At that moment many Javelins pilots were killed.

Attacked by the militant faction "Dominion" who is ambitious to master the technology called Cenotaph, a catastrophic event was born.

This faction was led by a Javelin pilot and Cypher named - The Monitor.
Trying to penetrate the "Heart of Rage" and turn off Cenotaph in it is now the focus of the Javelins who managed to survive after what happened at Freemark. As can be predicted, you are one of the Javelin pilots with Owen who acts as a companion to your mission, a Cypher who translates data through their closeness to the Anthem of Creation itself. But as can be predicted, the trip is not easy. Dominion continued to show interest in Cenotaph, while surviving under the new leadership of The Monitor, a Javelin pilot and a Cypher. The battle is inevitable.

Penetrating the Heart of Rage storm and turning off Cenotaph is your main mission!

So, can your character penetrate the Heart of Rage and turn off the Cenotaph? What kind of challenges should he face? What is waiting for him behind the eye of the impenetrable storm? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing Anthem itself.

Indeed, it feels solid through a variety of vegetation and ecosystems that are quite alive in it, but it is difficult not to criticize the world design offered by Anthem. One of them is the problem of terrain variations. That apart from the enchanting visualization, almost most of the places you visit will end up in a green forest, a little empty area containing ruins or enemy bases, and some caves that act as dungeons. The best variation that you find is just a place of magma at the end of the game that is charming, but not fully utilized. There is no desert, no fighting in the sea (considering that Javelin can swim), there are no snowy mountains, no dry desert with rocks for example. The world of Anthem is like keeping you in a tropical forest which, when observed further away, is actually not as large as the size of open-world games.

Wanting variations of the world like this is certainly not irrational. Because it's not just an open-world single player game that can do it, multiplayer co-op games with the concept of loot shooter also prove to be able to execute it sweetly. Games like Destiny, for example, although they do not carry open-world concepts such as Anthem, still offer opportunities for exploration for you to fight on different planets and terrain. From Venus that has bright colors and a strange atmosphere to a giant spaceship that contains so much dark metal in it. Variations not only minimize the risk of repetition sensations, but also capture a clearer picture of the world the video game itself is offering. Here, Anthem is a little disappointing. Spending tens to hundreds of hours in that place? This seems to reinforce the impression that Shapers - races that make up their world based on lore are indeed not very creative.

But at the very least, you will be slightly relieved by the designs they show for each Javelin that you can use or the various enemy races you will fight. Whether you use Ranger, Interceptor, Storm, or Colossus (whose role we will discuss later), they each have unique animations and designs that support their role in the fight. Interceptor, for example, regardless of whether you are using male or female characters, it is always positioned as a Javelin with a sleek shape that rationally supports its nature that focuses on agility. Proportional form of armor, elegant head design, with the opportunity for cosmetic modification based on material and color make us fall in love. Thumbs up are also appropriate to be directed at enemy races that have enough variants, including some types of Elite, one of which is even a Javelin / Lancer pilot himself. One enemy race that is quite disappointing is the insects that look so ordinary and less threatening.

Have you ever imagined if you have to pay enough money to get into an apple plantation, it's promised a self-picking system that lets you taste super sweet apples, and ends up finding that no apples can be picked? Imagine the disappointment that comes to your mind. Now reflect on that to Anthem, because you believe it or not, the sensation is similar.

Believe it or not, Anthem's biggest problem is not in a series of technical and QOL weaknesses that are still considered bad or even so many bugs have occurred. It's not just an old problem and lots of loading screens that you have to go through, not on bug problems that sometimes make you unable to access certain missions or how you can be locked behind certain doors because of joining in the middle of someone else's mission, or how bugs now allow one class Javelins use other Javelin skills and equipment. Not also because the story pacing problem is a little hurt in a mission that asks you to collect and complete a small objective in the middle of the story. Anthem's biggest problem in our eyes is the weak loot he offers for a game that dares to claim itself as a loot-based shooter.

Advantages :

- Stunning visual quality
- Unique and different Javelin classes
- The sensation of using weapons is satisfying
- The story is pretty cool
Flying sensation
-OST that is strong enough to build an atmosphere

deficiency :

- Full of bugs and fatal technical problems
- Loot "junk"
- Weapons don't feel creative
- Reward does not feel satisfying
- A lot of repetitive mission content
- Time and amount of loading time
- The flight mechanism is not implemented much on the gameplay / strategy side
- The content period for the Games as Service concept feels too long

Suitable for gamers: lovers of repetitive concepts, need multiplayer games to play with friends

Not suitable for gamers: who want a satisfying loot-based shooter game, can't wait to see a loading screen for a long time

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