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11 Tips to Become a PUBG Pro Player

PUBG has become a hype among gamers around the world. Because the gameplay is unique and very interesting. Here's a brief and useful guide for you PCBB and Mobile PUBG players. This basic knowledge will be very useful when you play.Check this out...

1.  Use Molotov Bombs

For some players molotof bombs are less useful and rarely used. But actually the molasses bomb is very important to carry. At least you have one molotof bomb. One day you will be faced with an unexpected situation where the grenade runs out. We can make an enemy who is behind the door hit by damage when we throw the molotof bomb at the door. Then the door will become hollow. So that your enemy will get damage. Then you just need to mobilize to finish off your enemies.

2. Save Disconnect Friends

The first thing you need is a vehicle that is a bug or an ordinary car. Don't use a jeep because you will get your friend killed. You can take your friends as shown below by clicking on the car. Walk slowly so as not to fall and you can bring it to safe zone while your friends reconnect.

3. Chasing The Airdrop

You can find out the distance from Airdrop by using the tags " enemies ahead " to find out what distance is needed. Then you can mark it on your folder and find airdrop.

4. Use Box Stacks

To kill your enemy in Georgopol. You can go to the warehouse then go up between the boxes then push and be ready to kill your enemies with the weapons you have without being seen by the enemy.

5. Detect Day/Night Mode

To find out the day or night mode, you can see it in the lower right corner.

6. Lv.3 Helmet Durability

From a distance of 200 m when using a kar98 lv3 helmet you will receive 82% damage, then when using m24 you will receive 87% damage, and of course if you use the AWM your lv3 helmet will not be useful because you will receive 100% damage

7. Destroying Vehicles

Buggy cars require at least 38 M416 bullets, 38 L scar bullets, 38 38 qbz bullets, 33 bullet axles, 33 LPs 33 bullets and 41 41 bullets before finally exploding and breaking down.

For ordinary cars, it requires an M416 45 bullet, a L 45 bullet scar, a 45 bullet qbz, 38 bullet batteries, 28 38 bullets and 48 bullets before it is destroyed.

Then for the Jeep M416 as many as 49 bullets, L 49 bullets scar, 49 bullet QBZ, 42 AKM bullets, 28 42 42 bullets and 53 bullets. Before finally being destroyed.

8. Faster Landing

Mark the landing location first, point around 90 degrees to the location and look down. While the left analog is directed like exactly 10 o'clock. Then you will slide faster down and the location you mark.

9. Tips to Jump from the Top of a Building Without Damage

You can jump between buildings to kill your enemies by connecting between windows. you can also use it when you descend from top to bottom without the slightest damage one of them is by sticking between the windows.

10. Take an airdrop or loot in the water

You cannot replace weapons in water. Therefore to take loot or airdroop it is recommended before plunging into the water. You must throw away one of the weapons you have. So you can take priority weapons.

11. Cars are stuck

Have you ever experienced something like the snagging of your car, you can use bombs to make the car move. But your car will also be damaged due to the damage given by the bomb. It's good to look for another car. But if there is no choice what to do.

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