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Cheaper, Apple Sells Official iPhone X Refurbish

As we know in September 2018, Apple has announced the latest iPhone X series, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Apple has presented several major changes such as the Apple A12 chipset to the use of AMOLED screens on the latest iPhone X.

The shocking news came from Apple where Apple reportedly sold an old iPhone X refurbished version on its official sales site. This is the first done by Apple, where previously Apple had never sold a refurbished version of the iPhone device which was an item that did not meet the standards when it was being produced at the factory.

Although Apple sells products that should not be sold, the manufacturer guarantees that the product is still suitable for use. Based on information on the official website, Apple has held a certified refurbish goods program, so that the iPhone X has been refurbished to be tested again to meet the usage requirements.

Users also still get the same sales package as the usual iPhone X and get a limited warranty for 1 year. Interestingly, the refurbished iPhone X version is sold at prices starting at US $ 769 which is close to the price of the iPhone XR which comes with faster performance thanks to the latest Apple A12 chipset, but only uses an LCD screen and single camera. Unfortunately Apple is reportedly only selling iPhone refurbish products online and only available in the United States and the UK.

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