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Fortnite Season 9: All Battle Pass Skins

Fortnite Season 9 themed the future with a new shiny cyberpunk theme.  Most Battle Pass Season 9 skins reflect that theme, with everything from battle to anime-inspired cyber warriors available to open this season.

  • Sentinel
 Tier Unlocked: 1
 Sentinel is a robot chicken. Seth Green is nowhere in sight, but this skin is still pretty cool, with unlockable styles and colors that help Sentinel look a bit less fowl.
  • Rox

Tier Unlocked: 1
    Rox is a sky pilot/racer type character that has a distinctly anime-esque look and feel to her. Her outfit starts as futuristic pastel street clothes that eventually evolve into the suit above. She’s also got a ton of different unlockable cosmetic options to choose from, which make her one of the season’s most customizable skins.
  • Bunker Jonesey

Tier Unlocked: 23
   Jonesey is doing his best impression of Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” with this skin. After years stuck in the bunker after Season 8’s volcanic eruption, Jonesey is looking a bit bedraggled. This mad hermit also has a few cosmetic variants… namely ones that showcase the unfortunate fate of his banana companion.
  • Vega

TierUnlocked: 47

  Vega is a futuristic bounty hunter sporting a look that takes distinct cues from Star Wars and Mass Effect. Like this season’s other skins, she comes with a few different color variations so you can make the look your own.

  • Stratus

Tier Unlocked: 71
  Stratus is a skin showcasing both form and function. While definitely stylish, this reactive skin includes a few items that allow players to track the location of the storm in real time without having to use the mini-map. This fits with the storm-chaser theme of the skin.

  • Demi

Tier Unlocked: 87
 Demi looks for all the world like the alternate universe love-child of Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and Iron Man, dropped into the world of Deus Ex. We’re not sure how practical a tight dress and heels are on the battlefield, but Demi seems to make it work.
  • Sentinel (Alternate)

 Tier Unlocked: 99
 Sentinel’s alternate skin gives him a much more menacing robot sentai look. Sporting this look basically turns Sentinel into a mecha-samurai, and is certainly worthy of its high tier.
  • Vendetta

Tier Unlocked: 100
Vendetta skin Tier 100 this season, who seems to be this season’s big bad. He takes definite visual cues from Destiny’s Cayde-6, with a hint of the villain from “Big Hero 6” mixed in for good measure. The skin starts as a nondescript guy in relatively normal looking street clothes, and eventually upgrades into the battlesuit seen above. With plenty of colors and styles thrown in the mix, this skin seems like a fitting Tier 100 reward.

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