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Top Game Release This Week (May 2019)

  Some people may really want a new game to be played this month, along with a game that will be released on the third week of May 2019, an end result of a long effort to produce pretty good games.

  • Dauntless - May 21
Platform : PS4,XBox One,PC

   Dauntless is about taking down big beasts, called Behemoths, with your friends - think of it like a free-to-play Monster Hunter.  You can choose from a variety of weapons and all kinds of cosmetics to customize your particular hunter.  Dauntless is leaving for full launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this week, while it is planned for a later date.

  • Resident Evil 1/4/0 - May 21
Platform : Switch

   Judul ketiga Resident Evil ini semuanya dijual terpisah di Eshop, tetapi Anda dapat mengambil Resident Evil 1 dan 0 di Koleksi Origins gabungan di ritel.  Bintang permainan asli Chris Redfield dan Jill Valentine di Spencer Mansion, 0 adalah prekuel yang menampilkan Rebecca Chambers dan Billy Coen di fasilitas yang memerlukan, dan 4 melihat Leon Kennedy mencari putri presiden di Spanyol.

  • Team Sonic Racing - May 21
Platform : Ps4,XboxOne,PC,Switch

As the name implies, Team Sonic Racing is about winning together - but not always by coming in first place.  Other game modes challenge you to collect rings or get the fastest lap time.  You can customize every character's kart to your liking too.

  • Observation
Platform : PS4,PC

  Observation is set on a space station where something went very wrong, and it's up to Dr.  Emma Fisher to figure out what happened.  But you don't play this sci-fi thriller as her;  instead, you control SAM, the station's AI.  You'll use a variety of tools to examine various chambers and open doors as you guide the doctor around.

  • Total War - Three Kingdoms (May 23)
Platform : PC

The long-running strategy series is headed to China for the first time, where 12 different factions can battle for control.  Victory is achieved by capturing a city or by slaying the opposing army's generals.  It's not simple, though, as the generals you choose create certain limitations for the troops you command during battle.

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