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Popcorn Fx - Best Iclone Plugin

PopcornFX is a 3D realtime FX Solution for Games & Interactive applications.

PopcornFX is for studios, 3D FX artists and technical artists who are looking for a powerful and complete tool exclusively dedicated to the creation of realtime effects.

This plugin is to be used with the totally free PopcornFX editor which will change your way of creating particle effects: better FX faster !!

The plug-in allows you to run the FX created with the PopcornFX dedicated editor in your Iclone.

The PopcornFX engine now tightly integrates with iClone’s lighting, physics and timeline animation systems, while retaining full custom import and attribute adjustment capabilities.

Created in 2010, PopcornFX is a realtime particle effects solution for games, films, AR/VR/MR. The company behind the program Persistant Studios, presents PopcornFX as the leading FX editor, multi-platform & cross-engine.

PopcornFX is associated with a wide variety of game productions (from indies to AAA), targeted platforms (PC, consoles and mobile), and engines (Unity, Unreal and in-house), and it has met great success when used for things such as Playstation VR Worlds or Arte “Notes on Blindness” experience, which won the Storyscapes Award at Tribeca Film Festival and the Alternate Realities VR Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

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  1. Thanks........and password....

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    1. how to fix, please, my plug in says trial , with watermark

  3. thank you very much

  4. i have like and subcribed to your youtube channel and Thank you so much for the free popcornfx file . Can you please upload -- Cartoon Character Designer Bundle for iclone.

  5. Template must have an iProp file too but there is not in archive! Is it right?

  6. hi, my pugin says trial after installed succesfully.. please help