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PopcornFx Library 40

The PopcornFX Library 40 - is an ideal complement to the PopcornFX Plug-in for iClone. 

This beautiful library is licensed directly from Persistant Studios - the original PopcornFX designers, and it has been especially compiled by the Reallusion team to showcase powerful combined effects and versatility when using the PopcornFX Editor. This effects compilation comes with 4 types of amazing particle effects - Magic, Nature, Weapons & Explosives, and VFX. Inside you will find an array of ready-made particle effects that you can use to light up spellbinding scenes, create distracting fog or smoke, generate critters that randomly cover your 3D meshes, or bring on Armageddon with an end-of-the-world meteor shower.

pass : iclonesia

Single link :

For Iclone 7.6 and later

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