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Reallusion iClone Pro 7.7.3518.1

Reallusion iClone Pro 7.7.3518.1 FULL VERSION CRACK

v7.7 (7.7.3518.1) released on Nov. 18th, 2019
Version 7.7 is yet another great update as a fruition of months of hard work. Besides the bug fixes in response to the Feedback Tracker and the forum, there are lots of crucial enhancements including the brand new Digital Human Shader along with SSS (Sub-surface Scattering) and Micro Normal techniques for appealing real-time rendering. We also have new on additional functions for Timeline, Camera, Light, and UI usage. For more details, please check out the iClone 7.7 Forum.
New Digital Human Shader: a new generation of Reallusion Digital Human appearance for head, body, eyes, teeth and hair.
New shape options for spot and point lights. You can determine the volume for the lights as tube, cube, and more. Light shapes can now support textures that can also have an influence on the shape of the light emission (similar to masking).
Orthogonal perspective is now available for the Preview camera.
Shadow settings can now be adjusted individually.
3d stereo settings can now be adjusted individually.
Motion clips can now be scaled without deleting the key.
Motion clips can now be sampled frame by frame.
Edit motion layers now support local axis.
Loop-able areas can now be set in the timeline.
Motion clips and keys can now be scaled.
New Align to Previous Motion Layer command allows for clips to align their motion layer to the previous clip.
Render options can now be customized.
Users can now save and render trial content (with watermark).
Attach, Link, Look At, and Motion Layer keys now support a search function speeding up structural list switching.
Viseme keys can now be added without an audio clip.
The timeline can now snap to the front or end of a clip by holding down the Shift key.
When a directional light and spot shadow caster is attached to the character, the said items could no longer be found under the Scene Manager. Feedback Tracker
Not able to import videos and images via iClone’s import menu. Feedback Tracker
Walking motions applied to the character caused it to move diagonally. Feedback Tracker
The starting key disappears when a Motion Modifier is applied. Feedback Tracker
Discarded simulation frames are not kept with the project. Feedback Tracker
Unnatural shaking of the left leg for Motion Puppet Female 02_Basic Walk. Feedback Tracker
Picking a collision shape does not force an automatic refresh when Reduce Idle Load is checked. Feedback Tracker
Spotlight shadows on Speedtrees don’t work correctly. Feedback Tracker
Opacity cutout rendered on objects with opacity under 30% with Global Illumination turned on. Feedback Tracker
Deleting Prop or Avatar with camera attached causes iClone to crash. Feedback Tracker

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