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Microsoft Officially Announces Xbox Next-Gen | Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X certain to be released at the end of 2020, with no detailed information related to prices or the first game like what we can anticipate.

The lack of information related to Xbox Next-Gen from Microsoft apart from intense discussions from Sony about the Playstation 5, including the matter of performance description and specifications of course sounds quite alarming.  There is speculation that Microsoft is a bit "left behind" in the development process with units that are not yet widely available for developers, but not a few also feel that this is something they deliberately do to see and create a maximum counter for the introduction of the Playstation 5 premiere later.  But no one thought that Microsoft, not only spoke up, but also showed the Xbox Next-Gen for the first time at the 2019 Game Awards.

 Together with Phil Spencer's presence on stage, Microsoft finally officially introduced the next generation Xbox which they will refer to as the "Xbox Series X".  With a form that is more dominated by vertical aspects like a PC, it is still clad in black and a small Xbox logo at the top.  Exhaust for the engine is now also now in the top position.  With him the Xbox also released a few video clips to show what kind of visualization it could produce.

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