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Avatar Toolkit 2 (iClone)

Avatar Toolkit 2 provides a complete workflow for your character creation. Get prepared with the accessory you want, define the animation parameters in the builder, and then puppet them with your customized

With Avatar Toolkit 2, you can assemble unique custom avatars from puppet-ready body parts, allowing you endless possibilities when animating facial expressions, accessories, unconventional body parts, and more via simple mouse movements in the intuitive Puppet Controller tool. The ability to create and customize puppet parts opens a whole new world of content development potential for iClone designers, providing a shared standard from which developers can create custom, revolutionary puppet-ready content assets which users can quickly assemble in their own way and produce quick, organic animations

Avatar Toolkit2 is a complete 3D avatar creation system that allows you to freely design and assemble your own animatable characters. It also comes with an intuitive control system that not only allows you to customize every detail and expression on your character’s face, but also determine the way they are animated as well!

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