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 A professional game player broke the record as the first woman to win an eSport (electronic sport) match.  It was Li Xiaomeng or 'VKLiooon' who won the Heartstone Grandmasters Global Finals.  She became the youngest and the only woman to win the title of champion in the BlizzCon match in the US after beating Brian 'bloodyface' with a score of 3-0.

 This victory also not only proves that women are also good at playing games.  For Li, the title also meant that he was in the right career.  Unlike ordinary gamers, esport athletes are trained to win games not just play for fun.  Of course this profession has not been recognized as a truly potential job in the eyes of many people.

 "It proves that I made the right career choice. Nobody believed I could succeed as a pro player after my graduation last year. I sacrificed everything. My life would be difficult if I could not win again in the tournament. I am very grateful I did not leave it to  "Hearthstone's dream with what I've achieved so far," he said reported by the Telegraph.

Heartstone itself is a fairly popular esport card game from Blizzard Entertainment.  Li Xiomeng became the first woman to ever win him.  He also became China's sole representative.

 Although the number of female gamers reaches 46%, there are not many representatives in the esport match.  Therefore, VKLiooon's victory became an important moment.

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