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iClone Mech Constructor: Spiders and Tanks

This packages used for Iclone applications, Iclone is an outstanding animation software, with Iclone animation work much faster and more efficient. With native rendering capabilities that are extraordinarily fast, making rendering a fun process. IClone is the future of animation and game production.

Bigboss is extremely proud to announce the arrival of a series of absolutely outstanding and stunning Animated Sci-Fi Robot Construction Kits by Slava_Z.

This is the Mech Constructor Spiders & Tank Robot Kit by Slava_Z

This Pack contains a set of parts including various Backpacks, Buggies, Cockpits, Animated Leg Chassis, Shoulders and numerous Weapons you can use to assemble multiple variations of animated Spiders and Tank Robots plus 5 fully assembled Units and numerous variations of PBR Materials you can apply on all parts of the fully assembled units. Numerous parts such as Leg Assemblies and Weapons contain animations you can activate by selecting the part and invoking the corresponding perform command.

A Must Have for all Sci-Fi Lovers.

Method of Use:

1) Start by applying the legs assembly to the scene
2) Apply the desired Shoulder to the scene and attach it to the Leg Assembly and align it to Mount_top bone container.
3) Apply additional parts to other bone containers inside the shoulders and cockpit.

Note: All weapons contain locators at their barrel ends (named “Barrel_end”, or “Barrel_end_” in case there are multiple barrels). See sample assembly Video for additional instructions.

About Slava_Z Props:

Slava_Z assets are Low Poly and optimized for game development resources. Each Prop is designed with the highest standards using a low polygon count and high resolution PBR textures for maximizing user experience.


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