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Iclone HDRi Fundamentals 25

IClone HDRi Fundamentals 25

     The HDRi Fundamentals 25 pack is part of the Visual Essentials collection.

     Put aside amateur displays and step into professional 3D rendering, with genuine Image Based Lighting. Good HDRi sources extract authentic lighting schemes from high-definition light information. All HDRi are in 4K resolution for optimal reflection detail, and real-time processing speed.

    By using high exposure HDRi range panoramas, you can get incredible light effects in iClone 7 like never before.

      This pack includes 5 categories of 25 x 4K high-pixel panoramas like: interiors, ruins, studio, rural, and urban which bring different kinds of themes to discerning renders.

Pass : iclonesia-3d

Pack includes:

• .iAtm Files for iClone 7
• .hdr Files

~Interiors x 7
~Ruins x 4
~Studio x 2
~Rural x 3
~Urban x 9

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