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Free iProps - Wasteland

Free iProps Wasteland for Iclone,Iclone is the easiest way to create 3D animation, how a beginner makes animation easily, does not require extraordinary modeling skills. IClone allows an animation or game to be made by just one person.

Consisting of six awesome buildings that can make your animations richer.Create desolate, apocalyptic landscapes with this enormous kit’s vast array of complex, stacked structures intertwined with nasty trailers, broken down vehicles, ramshackle warehouses, and even destroyed airplanes and oil tankers! Buses, pipes, dams, oil drums, shipping containers, factory chimneys, and much more await you inside this gigantic kit of epic devastation!

Each building can be customized with a lot of material so that it will be more varied.

All of these buildings can be downloaded for free at 3d-animation.com.

The file is protected with a password, to get it please watch the video carefully, the password is listed in the video in several sections.

This is an Iclone Props,for use in other software you need 3DXchange to export to other format like fbx or obj


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