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Free Iclone Prop _ Yonago Castle by thank_you

Yonago Castle is a Japanese castle located in Kume-cho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture. Also known as Kume Castle and Minatoyama Castle. In the early Edo period, it was the domain office of the Yonago domain (Hoki domain). The ruins of the castle are designated as national historic sites.

Castle tower Kazutada Nakamura, who became the castle owner in 1600, built an independent watchtower-type four-storied castle tower next to the four-storied castle tower of Hiroie Yoshikawa. There are still old photographs that have been made. The first weight plane measures 10 ken x 8 ken, the second ken measures the same scale, the third ken measures 7 ken x 6 ken, and the 4th and 5th ken measure 3 ken x 2.5 ken. As for the appearance, the second layer was the Oiri main building gable and the staggered gable / eaves gable, the third layer was the Irimaya gable and the staggered gable, and the top layer was the eaves Kara gable. On the 5th floor, there was a wooden eave that seems to have covered the outer rim of the gazebo, giving it a unique appearance. It is believed to have been 21 meters high, surpassing the castle tower (double second floor) and third floor turret of Tottori Castle, which is the main castle.

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