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CHARACTER CREATOR 3.4 Pipeline Extension

 Reallusion has launched Character Creator 3.4, the latest version of the team's 3D character creation tool. The biggest new feature is Smart Hair, a new system of modular hairstyles and facial hair. This new tool comes with an updated hair shader and a hair section pack.

What's more, the characters from CC now support the new ExpressionPlus face blend form and the look created by the AccuLips lip syncing system in iClone 7.9.

   The lip movements which in the previous version looked stiff are now much more flexible and of course the results are more realistic, the most prominent thing is the movement of the upper lip which in the previous version looks like a person with canker sores now looks softer. And one more thing that is no less important is the movement. tongue, in this version the tongue movement is more acceptable.

The hairstyles in the new Smart Hair system feature three hair groups: head hair, beard and eyebrows. The first two groups also feature a number of elements.

The latest version comes with hair samples and facial hair content, but users can also get paid add-ons for different hairstyles.

However, for facial hair, there are some negative sentiments if the characters are exported and used by other software, such as the Unreal Engine, then there is still a need for more adjustments.

The updated shader allows users to change the color of the scalp, hair strands and highlights. You can also combine hair elements and control the color.

This is quite interesting even though things like this have been in DAZ for a long time, in my opinion the most prominent is the lip and tongue movements.

So please try this latest version of the Creator Character, if it feels good and you like it, please buy the official version.






Pipeline Extension Character Cteator 3.4.3924.1.

Pass on video,please watch carefully..

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  2. Hi there, Iclonesia!
    How can i install this version and keep cc3.3( because i dont wont lost Iray and Headshot plugins) or better i should wait updates/fixes for this plugins too ?

    and... can you send me invite for CGPeers ? :D ? tit.tpa@bk.ru
    PLeeeeease haha

  3. Will headshot be compatible with this version?

  4. what is the password for the pipeline extension rar file

  5. There is Virus on CC 3.4, any virus free version please, have uninstalled previous CC3 and now need working CC3.4

  6. patch.exe comes with grenum virus. Stopped forttunately by windows defender.

    1. watch the video carefully, there is no patch.exe file in the installer, I don't know where you got it