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 The MechRex is a monstrous sci-fi creature made by reallusion Developer for Iclone,MechRex is a Meticulously -Rigged Mechanical Beast that brings a perfect balance between over the top collosal features with mechanical,real-world designs.
  Several techniques and processes have been employed to create and refine this fully armored beast that not only looks amazing,but that also offers logical battle function for your Sci-fi Movies.

 With this badass Character your animation is guaranteed to be cooler,you can buy it on the Reallusion marketplace, or if you want to just find out how cool mechRex is you can download it below, there are three kinds of MechRex with different materials, Steel, Rust and Alloy, all of them are very cool and I really like it.

This MechRex is even cooler with 15 awesome motion,there is Attack Cannon,Attack Head,Attack Machine Gun,Attack Tail,Die,Injured,Run,and many other..

 MechRex Steel

MechRex Rust

MechRex Alloy


pass :iclonesia_mechrex

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