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HEADSHOOT Plug-In v1.11.2031.1 For Character Creator 3.4

Headshoot plugin is a Character Creator plugin that allows us to create a 3d character of a person from an image. With Headshoot we can make a 3D model of a person's face by converting a 2D photo into a three-dimensional object.

The Headshoot Plug-in comes with Character Creator 3.2, an innovation that attracted a lot of public attention at that time, and when Character Creator has now arrived at version 3.4, the HeadShoot plugin must also be updated to a newer version so that it can continue to be used, with our HeadShoot. You can make 3D characters from your favorite characters easily, even the hair of your characters is also generated, this is very easy for us, so it's not wrong if you want to try it now.

Download Link :

 HeadShoot v1.11.2031.1 (Work)

Alternative Link:

Headshoot 1.11.2031.1 For CC3.4


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