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HOW TO DOWNLOAD From DailyUploads Easily

 It is a rather difficult choice to find alternative cloud storage, because the storage ration in Mega is very limited and there is also a transfer limit which makes us have to wait a long time to be able to transfer data.

The same thing happened to mediafire, there are some files that are restricted to download because of the large number of downloads.

A saving quota of up to 250GB is given by Daily Upload with the guarantee that the file will last forever, but the obstacles are in the process of getting to the download, too convoluted and seem difficult, but there is still a way ...

here's how to download from DailyUploads :

1. First, don't use a mini browser. Whether it's opera mini or UC mini.

2. Use a browser that supports CAPTCHA or is able to bypass Adfly and has Adblock features (recommended). For example, UC Browser (not UC Mini), default browser, Chrome, Firefox, and the like.

3. After you open the link, maybe you will find Adfly or the like. And comes the download link.

4. Don't click download right away,but remove the "Download Addons" checkbox first. It's advertising.

5. Now that the tick is gone. Just click download.

6. In addition, bro, if a warning appears that your IP is being asked to download in 4 hours or blah-blah-blah. Just click the red download button below it.

7. Then download

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