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ICLONE iAVATAR - Gladiolus Amicitia FFXV Style

Gladiolus Amicitia (Often Called Gladio) is one of the four protagonists of Final Fantasy XV. As a member of the Crownsguard, Gladio acted as Noctis's shield, having known the prince since childhood. While initially only Noctis's bodyguards without restraining him in terms of height, Gladio eventually grows up to honor Noct and becomes one of his closest friends.

In 756 AD.E., Gladio was ordered to accompany Noctis on his way to Altissia to stab Lady Lunafreya as part of the Lucis-Niflheim treaty, only to be diverted to stop the Empire due to their invasion of Lucis.

Because I really like the game Final Fantasy XV and also Iclone, then I tried to create a character with the theme Final Fantasy XV for Iclone, this includes a character with a necklace and gloves, not forgetting Gladio pants and also two iHair with different style. Although tattoos on the body and arms are not the same but I like it. 

Please use this character for your project, don't forget to give credit to Iclonesia.

CC3+ based characters are compatible for Iclone 7.8 or later.

Hair Only :

Pass on Video,please watch carefully...


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