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This is a python script for PopcornFx particle emiter and can bennefit to PopcornFx user thats have PopcornFx Library 40,or Learning samples 50,or effect generated from PopcornFX Super Tools. With this Plug-in you can modify the PopcornFX effect further,or use Timeline Editor in Iclone for etter final refinement.

PopcornFX Particle Sequencer Function :

1. Sequencing a PopcornFX directly without timeline editor in Iclone
  •  Set particle ON/OFF time (sec).
  • Inter-emitter trigger delay settings.
  • Emitter custom life-cycle settings.
2. Triggering at any moment.custom presets with parameter settings and emitter relative positioning.

3) 10 sample presets available for deployment and customization.

4) Multiple effect attribute parameters can be adjusted at once.

5) Positional and rotational constraints for effects on target objects.

6) Recording of group history for reversible editing.

7) Prioritize Template/Custom folder for search optimization.

More information about PopcornFX :

Pass : iclonesia3d


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