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 Smart Hair is introduced in Character Creator version 3.4, which is designed to provide the most realistic yet performance friendly Hair, Brows, and Beard for digital humans used in games and films. The card based hair meshes are small in size, economical in texture resolution, and efficient for real-time rendering. The highly flexible ombre color gradients and specular variation are empowered by Smart Hair Shader. The Component Design allows you to freely assemble different hair or beard elements into unique hairstyles. The beard and brows can dynamically conform to any facial movements.

Pass : iclonesia_indocg


 To copyright holders: The current post does NOT contain ANY materials that violate your rights! The materials that are available for download include only training video, tutorials and examples!

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  1. sir can you give me mega or google drive link. because mediafire link is not supporting. please sir

  2. Thanks very much sir... Expecting the brows and beard soon