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BUILD COMPUTER For 3D MODELING and RENDERING | Which is more Important, Clock Speed ​​or Number of Cores?

   Jobs related to the 3D world require computers with high specifications, as well as 3D modeling and rendering jobs, the main goal is to make the work process faster and easier with the smallest possible cost. 3D modeling and “CPU” rendering are two different jobs and require different types of computers, so let's talk about how it works and which hardware has a big impact on this process.

 3D Modeling 

  3D modeling is a very active work process, we will always interact with the software that we use in the 3D modeling process. 

   In the 3D modeling process, the object that we create consists of polygons that have modifiers and deformers applied to them, such as cloning, mirroring, bending objects, and so on in the process of creating 3D objects. To run it all, our computers have to run various complex calculation systems, and what we must understand is that these calculations are only carried out by the main Single Core CPU. This is because the scene in the 3D view is built using a certain hierarchy, where the CPU must pass this hierarchy step by step, cannot pass or delegate to another Core, because some processes depend on one another. Therefore most of these cores will not be used in the 3D modeling process.

    Processors with a lot of Cores will not speed up the 3D modeling process and also don't make the viewport faster. This means that, for 3D modeling work and interaction with 3D scenes, what is needed is a processor with the highest possible clock speed. Likewise, when we work with animation and run CAD, a processor with a high clock speed is much more important than the number of CPU cores. 

Highest Overclock record holder

Some processors with high clock speeds include  Intel Core i9-11900K 5.30Ghz and Intel Core i9-10920X 3.50Ghz (4.60Ghz Turbo) for understandable price.

CPU Rendering

   CPU Rendering In contrast to 3D Modeling, CPU Rendering optimizes the use of all CPU cores. Therefore, if you only want to use a computer to render images or animations as well as video encoding, a processor with a large number of cores is the right choice, even if the clock speed is relatively low. This is because the render engine will divide the "bucket" to each CPU Core, each Core will render a bucket that is its task independently, and when it is finished it will receive a new bucket.

   The processor with the most Cores at this time is AMD Ryzen Threadripper with 64 Cores and 128 Threads, has a Clock Speed 2.7Ghz up to 4.2Ghz (Turbo).

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