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HOW TO SKIP Adf.Ly Link Shortener

 Previously we apologize for the inconvenience of visitors, some of the ad scripts turned out to be very annoying, that's why we decided to remove them. 

   Advertising is needed to ensure the continuity of this website for operational costs as well as domain and web hosting rentals, despite the fact that visitors are also not willing to click on existing ads. The amount that we managed to collect over the last year is no more than $2.4, It's very less if it is used to renew the domain and rent web hosting.

   Instead we use link shorteners, to keep the links long lasting and the website can also survive in the midst of difficult conditions. 

   Some link shorteners require you to deactivate adsblock, as long as it's not needed, please keep adsblock active. 

Here's how to bypass the adf.ly link shortener: 

• First click on the available download link 

• Wait for the adf.ly countdown to run (5 seconds)

 • Click skip ads

•  As soon as we click skip ads maybe an ad window will open, just ignore it and return to the adf.ly page 

• The download link will automatically open, if not please click “ click this link “

 • Now the download link is open, please download the required file.

 • To ensure security, make sure the file size is the same as that listed on 3d-animasi.com

   That's a short way to bypass the adf.ly link shortener, hopefully it's useful. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience to this blog, if there are complaints, please submit them in the comments column.

  If you want a link without a shortened link, please contact us via a private line with a fee according to the size and type of file.

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