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Reallusion iClone Pro 7.92.5425.1 Full Version

 IClone Pro 7.92.5425.1

iClone is just updated to version 7.92 to support new expression loops (.iTalk) for the Replica Studios - AI Voice Actors Plug-in.

Several major bugs are fixed in this version as well. 

What's new in this version of the program, changes, bug fixes from previous versions.

Supports the newly released iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in, along with several bug fixes and improvements.


1. Digital Human Shader update : a new generation of Reallusion Digital Human appearance for head, body, eyes, teeth and hair.

2.  New shape options for spotlights and dots. You can define volume for lights such as tubes, cubes, and more. Light shapes can now support textures which can also affect the shape of the glow beam (similar to masking).

3. Orthogonal perspective is now available for the Preview camera.

4.  Individually Shadow settings adjustment.

5.  3d stereo settings can now be adjusted individually.

6. Motion clips are now scalable without removing locks.

7. Frame by frame  motion clips sampling.

8. Motion layer editing now supports local axes.

9. Repeatable areas can now be set in the timeline.

10. Clips and motion buttons are now scalable.

11. The New Align to Previous Motion Layer command allows a clip to align its motion layer with the previous clip.

12.  36  expression loops (.iTalk) for the AI Voice Actors Plug-in (Replica Studios). Which is capable of creating facial animations when combined with AccuLips.


– Render options are now customizable.

– Users can now save and create test content (with watermark).

– Attach, Link, View, and Motion Layer buttons now support a search function that speeds up structural list switching.

– Viseme buttons can now be added without an audio clip.

– The timeline can now be clipped to the front or end of a clip by holding down the Shift key.

Fixed :

– When a directional light and spot shadow caster are attached to a character, they can no longer be found under the Scene Manager.

– The character does not follow the path when walking. Feedback Tracker

– Unable to import videos and images via iClone import menu.

– The walking motion applied to the character causes it to move diagonally.

– Buttons start to disappear when Motion Modifier is applied.

– Discarded simulation frames are not saved with the project.

– Unnatural shaking of left foot for Female Puppet Movement _Basic Walk.

– Selecting the collision form does not force auto-refresh when Reduce Idle Load is checked..



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