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Unreal Engine is Too Heavy on Your System? Try These Tips

    For some computers with minimal specifications, running Unreal Engine may be very heavy. In order to still be able to use Unreal Engine 4 comfortably, there are a few tips that you can try to run Unreal Engine: 

1. Engine Scalability Setting 

    Engine scalability settings aim to adjust Unreal Engine to the capabilities of our computer, Unreal Engine which has a lot of features that make it feel heavy for a standard computer. Setting the Engine Scalability according to the hardware capabilities will slightly ease the work of the system, we can adjust the material quality level & rendering preview level. How to set Engine Scalability: • Click Settings on the Tool bar > Engine Scalability Settings, check the Performance Editor monitor, lower the quality settings so that our computers are not too burdened. We can choose the Auto setting so that the Unreal Engine adjusts the quality according to our computer system. 

2. Use the latest version of Unreal Engine 4

    Unreal Engine developers usually always try to improve performance and speed in new versions, so using the latest Unreal Engine version is a good choice. 

3. Disable View Mode 

  View mode can be activated or deactivated from the Editor via the menu in the Editor or with a shortcut. Turn off View mode when not needed, for example during the rendering process we can unlit View Mode so that the rendering process is faster. For more detailed information please visit the Unreal Engine doc. 

4. Turn off Antivirus

    If we are not connected we can turn off the Antivirus. If we really have to use it, then make an exception for the Unreal Engine directory from the Antivirus scan process. Its usually located in C:Program Files (x86)Epic Games. Also make an exception for the Unreal Engine project folder, don't underestimate the influence of antivirus when we use Unreal Engine and Visual Studio.

 5. Use SSD 

   SSD speed has no doubt its effect on the system that we use, SSD prices are now not too expensive, using SSD for OS and Unreal Engine installation will make your computer faster. If possible, save active Project files on SSD if you want better performance. If you also use Visual Studio for programming, install Visual Studio on SSD too. 

6. Update VGA Driver 

  Make sure you always use the latest driver version of the VGA you are using, this is important for VGA optimization.

7. Pay Attention to Temperature 

    If you are using a laptop, make sure not to use it on a surface that is not capable of dissipating heat such as a bed, do not block the air vents, and use an additional cooler pad if necessary. 

8. Power Saving Settings 

    Make sure the power saving settings in the BIOS are not in the "Economic" mode, this is rarely noticed by computer users. 

    Those are some tips for optimizing your low-end computer or laptop on Unreal Engine, the use of Desktop Computers is more recommended than laptops, the reason does not need to be explained here. 

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