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Meta Data for ICLONE 8 and Character Creator 4 ( Content Manager Fix )


      The problem that arises when using the unofficial version of Iclone 8 is that we cannot download the content manager from the Reallusion website.
Reallusion will block access for users who violate the rules that have been set, you will not be able to download free or paid content that is on all Reallusion products.

     Thanks to Fafou who can solve this problem quickly,entering metadata for Iclone 8 so that it can function normally, because it is also synchronized with Character Creator 4, then this also applies to Iclone 8 and Character Creator 4.

Meta Data for iC8 and CC4 Free Content Pack

1. Run Deleting_MetaData.bat to remove old meta data.


a. DO NOT use if you wish to keep old meta data from previous versions.

b. You can manually delete them in C:\ProgramData\Reallusion

2. Run iC8_CC4_MetaData_Full_Links.exe 

Note: Use the default selected frolder which should be C:\ProgramData\Reallusion

3. Open lnk_change.ps1 inside a note editior

a. in Line #2 change to where your root Content Folder is located

Note: This will change the link target of the content links to fix some issues 

ie. Motion Director content pack not installed.

b. Save it - DO NOT RENAME IT (Batch and Powershell files need to have the same name)

4. Run lnk_change.bat

Note: This will run the lnk.chnage.ps1 and will change the target for all the files inside the

ContentLink Directory - This can take some times because of 5k+ link files.

5. Merge iC8_CC4_SG_Final.reg File

6. Run iClone 8 / Character Creator 4 - Click Sync if ask. 


Always check the ps1, bat and reg files by opening them with a notepad making sure nothing will mess up your system

Use at your own risk.  


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