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Free 3D model Favelas Block A1

This model has a native resolution of up to 4K, but that's not easy for Iclone to handle, the size will swell to 10x its original size. Therefore I'm using a more conveniently handled version of Iclone, with a model size of no more than 100Mb (iProps)

  Format : iProp, .OBJ

 OBJ Format Available

Include Interior 

Download : 

Arc Tower A1 (.obj)

[ Size : 32.47Mb ]


(Iclone 7.9)

Download Favelas Block  A1 iProps

[Size : 59.47MB]

Requirement : Iclone 8.1 or later 

How to download

Attention: to avoid wrong file downloads, make sure the file size matches the one listed.

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